At Cambodia Language Academy, we are founded by our core strengths. Our Mission, Vision and Value system provide us with a strong background
to differentiate us amongst our competition. We hope you will enjoy what we have to offer and further your skills in the English Language for
whatever your future pursuits in life lead you to participate in.


Our mission is to provide an internationally recognized and high quality general English program to help students make the most of the world around them and prepare them for their careers through English communication and the provision of creative, critical, collaborative, and problem-solving skills. It also aims to offer an internationally recognized and high quality English for Academic Purpose program to prepare students for their national and international university studies.


Our vision is to be a top English language institution in Cambodia, providing international standard quality in English education through an innovative curriculum and teaching, professional development, extra-curricular activities, and state-of-the-art learning facilities. 


Cambodia Language Academy (CLA) is committed to excellence and high quality in English language education. Our respective English programs are designed for students of various ages who intend to master their English skills in speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation for their communication, career, and local and international university studies.