The Teenagers’ English Program (TEP) is designed for a specific group of teenagers aged from eleven to fourteen years old. This program comprises eleven levels from TEP Foundation to TEP 10. It takes three years and eight months to progress from the beginning level to the last level. The total duration, however, varies, depending on a student’s actual level after the placement test. 

This program focuses on the development of speaking, writing, reading, listening, and all micro skills from beginner to upper-intermediate levels. The materials and teaching methodology have particularly been selected based on the students’ age and learning outcomes. 

This program is taught by national teachers at lower levels to build foundations and confidence and by international teachers at higher levels when the students are ready to communicate in English. 

The students will be issued a certificate of completion at the end of the program and move to an appropriate level in Adults’ English Program, which will eventually prepare them for the IELTS.